Chapter 2: What Do Mathematicians Do?

Study Guide for Chapter 2

Bringing Math into the Present Day 

Vi Hart videos


Neil deGrasse Tyson

The Mathematics of Juggling from Quanta Magazine (later reprinted in Scientific American). Click through to the link for video.

TED Talk: Teaching Math through Movement

TED Talk: The Beautiful Math of Coral

Beauty of Mathematics is a quick look at mathematics in the world around us.

Math Munchinterview with Nalini Joshi

Finding Math in Our World

Found math with Maya and Daphne

The annual Math Photo challenge is delightful, and could inspire some math hunts, math walks, and math photo challenges of your own. On twitter, look for #mathphoto15 and #mathphoto16. The 2015 website and 2016 website are great places to get started.

Babies and Math (in case you’re interested!)