Instructional Path

The instructional path to gradual release

Each of the grade-level-specific Lesson Sets are designed to help teachers develop students’ reading independence through a gradual release of responsibility throughout the five stages of the Reading Process.


READING ART: Teachers introduce a piece of art to students and encourage them to make observations and ask questions to determine what’s going on in the piece, thus practicing a skill or strategy they will be learning to apply when reading.

READ ALOUD: Teachers read to students, sharing passion for stories and fascinating information. This is the first step toward falling in love with reading!

SHARED READING: Students and teachers read challenging texts together, practicing ways to make meaning. This is where students are exposed to the power of books and begin to claim reading for themselves.

GUIDED READING: Students meet with their teacher in small groups to practice strategies for solving challenges. This is a dress rehearsal for independent reading.

INDEPENDENT READING: The jewel in the crown. Students are given the chance to choose their own texts, developing a love of reading for life.

See how the instructional practices in the Lesson Sets align with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills Standards, Virginia English Standards of Learning, and Common Core State Standards.