What’s In the Box?

Seven components. Five stages. Countless combinations of resources to inspire a love of reading.

Who’s Doing the Work? Lesson Sets consist of thirty lessons per grade (K–2). Each package includes seven different components that support instruction across all five stages of reading.


Who’s Doing The Work? How to Say Less So Readers Can Do More

The book that started it all – Burkins and Yaris provide the theoretical foundation for Lesson Sets and share personal stories from their experience in the classroom.


Who’s Doing The Work – Lesson Sets Book

Each book contains 10 lessons across three instructional goals for a total of thirty lessons at each grade.


Reading Art Cards

Art Cards for the Reading Art activities can be shared at the front of the class or passed around to ensure that all students can participate in the lesson.

Shared Reading Texts

Six copies of the Shared Reading Texts booklet give students a chance to see the lesson text up close either during the lesson or when rereading after the lesson.

The Prompting Funnel Bookmark

This handy reference provides cues that teachers can use to scaffold instruction and prompt students to think for themselves. (Watch this short animation to see how the prompting funnel works.)

Fiction and Nonfiction Books

Lesson Sets include carefully selected children’s books for each Read Aloud and Shared Reading lesson.

Lesson Sets Website

Online assets include digital versions of the Art Cards and the Shared Reading texts for classroom projection, plus video clips of the authors modeling lesson teaching techniques.

Optional Item: Guided Reading collections from Mondo Publishing
(Components shown are for Grades 1. Also available for Grades K and 2.)