Originally founded in the early 19th Century, Chapman & Hall is a historically well-regarded publishing house, known as the publishers of Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, among many others. Today, Chapman & Hall/CRC is a leading scientific publisher, specializing in statistics, mathematics, computer science, and data science books. The Chapman & Hall/CRC name is associated with quality, and our expert authors include world-renowned academics, researchers, and thought-leaders. We have a number of well-regarded and prolific series within our remit, including the internationally recognized Texts in Statistical Science Series, R Series, Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition Series, Discrete Mathematics and its Applications Series, and our new and very popular Data Science Series.

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Featured Books

AI Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable

Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable book cover

1st Edition

Delving into the deeply enigmatic nature of Artificial Intelligence (AI), AI: Unexplainable, Unpredictable, Uncontrollable explores the various reasons why the field is so challenging. Written by one of the founders of the field of AI safety, this book addresses some of the most fascinating questions facing humanity, including the nature of intelligence, consciousness, values and knowledge.

Systems Medicine Physiological Circuits and the Dynamics of Disease

Systems Medicine
Physiological Circuits and the Dynamics of Disease book cover

1st Edition

Why do we get certain diseases, whereas other diseases do not exist? In this book, Alon, one of the founders of systems biology, builds a foundation for systems medicine. Starting from basic laws, the book derives why physiological circuits are built the way they are. The circuits have fragilities that explain specific diseases and offer new strategies to treat them.

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