Author Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing is a way of earning a commission by promoting a product on your website that generates sales on another site. As a Routledge affiliate, this means that you can earn commission on any book sales generated from a unique link placed on your own website.

Our Affiliate Marketing program is managed by CJ Affiliate, one of the world's largest and most established affiliate marketing networks.

It's FREE to join! You will need to be an author with an active website or blog with a valid URL, meaning the website must contain http://www. OR https://www., and be a valid top-level domain (such as .com or .net).

Unfortunately, we do not sell or build websites. Before signing up, you should have a basic understanding of web languages such as HTML or JavaScript. These skills are needed in order to implement the tracking code into your website. Affiliate links can only be used on sites owned by the author, not institution or company websites.

How The Program Works

Authors who have their own website or blog and want to work with are welcome to join our affiliate program. Joining this program allows you to earn 10% commission on any sales coming from traffic you drive to You will be provided access to a range of creative assets and receive regular emails from the Routledge CJ Affiliate team detailing offers and promotions.

The Process

  1. Publisher (Affiliate / Partner) - You, the author, promote our books on your website via an affiliate link.
  2. The Consumer - Purchases the book on via the affiliate link on your website.
  3. Advertiser (Routledge) - Processes the sale and pays you 10% commission.


Commission will be paid on the price of the book(s) at the time of sale on, minus VAT, and is paid on all products that a customer purchases in their transaction as a result of clicking your unique affiliate link. And, if they purchase your book, you will earn both royalties AND commission! Commissions will only register if you are an affiliate partner and you are using unique affiliate links to


In most cases, payments can be made in your local currency. CJ supports direct deposit payment options for 39 countries. They also partner with Payoneer to offer a flexible and easy option to receive payments in local currencies around the world, without having to open an international bank account.

Payments are made monthly, normally on the 25th of each month, and are sent to the bank account set up on CJ. It is only possible to link one bank account, so payments related to the co-authoring of a book would need to be manually distributed by you, the author. CJ does not offer payment by check, Paypal, or credit card.

CJ distinguishes between the currency in which your account tracks transactions (your functional currency) and the currency in which you are paid (your payment currency). The functional currency is the currency you select when you first set up your account to calculate and display financial information in your account. Once set, it cannot be changed. Your payment currency is the currency you select to receive payment by direct deposit. Please note that not all currencies will be available in all locations.

Ready to Join?

Author Affiliate Program Welcome Pack

If you are ready to join, please download our Welcome Pack to learn more about:

  • Program Terminology
  • How to Sign Up
  • Creative Assets
  • Payments
  • How to Pull Reports
  • How to Create Links
  • Support Information
  • ...and more.
  Author Affiliate Welcome Pack