Wellbeing and Inclusivity on Campus

Finding the time to optimize your work-life balance while meeting both your and your students' needs can take a toll on your mental and physical wellbeing. We've collected resources to tackle time management and mitigate stress levels, while also helping you create a safe and positive environment for your students.

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Free Resources and Articles:

Resources for Inclusive Teaching

Resources for Inclusive Teaching

Explore our recommended reading list featuring top titles that highlight the importance of diversity in the classroom, accessibility and advocacy for students with disabilities, issues facing women and LGBTQ students, technological inequalities in education, and more.

Petra Boynton on Being Well in Academia

In this interview, Dr. Boynton explores the origins of her book, addresses how her experiences as an Agony Aunt have influenced her writing, and tells us how the book offers help for readers in the current pandemic.


Critical Issues in Democratic Schooling

Emanating from his years of experience as a teacher, education professor, and college dean, Teitelbaum addresses aspects of school and university life that bear on efforts to foster more robust democratic policies and practices in PreK-16 settings and our society at large.


7 Tips for Improving Wellbeing at Your Institution

For quality work and teaching, it is essential for higher education leadership to help their faculty learn how to successfully handle occupational stress and burnout. Here are 7 tips to support faculty on campus, excerpted and adapted from Wellbeing in Higher Education.


How to Stay Motivated and Manage Your Workload

We understand that as a faculty member it can be difficult to stay motivated and to manage your workload. For this video, we surveyed lecturers to find out their tips and tricks to help alleviate some of these pressures and help you keep a healthy work-life balance.