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Inclusive Access: Impact Student Success with Affordable Digital Course Materials 

Inclusive Access eliminates the need for students to purchase course materials on their own. Working with college bookstores, this program provides students with e-copies of the textbooks required by their instructors via platforms such as RedShelf and VitalSource. The cost of these textbooks is included in the students’ tuition pricing and digital course materials are available day one of classes.

What is Inclusive Access?

Inclusive access is a model where digital course materials are included as an additional course charge for a particular course or program. This model is easy and convenient for students to use and provides an affordable option and supports students by ensuring every student has access to the text on or before the first day of class. 

Where students were previously assigned textbooks to find and purchase on their own, using this model, every student receives first day of class access to their required course material with the discounted costs included as part of their tuition. Taylor and Francis has negotiated the lowest possible price for your institution through your bookstore. We also now offer Inclusive Access for 180 day rental.


Students get the course materials for a discount up to 40%.


Students get access to the digital course materials on or before the first day of class.

Easy Integration

Seamless integration to the LMS makes it easier for Faculty and Students.

Why Inclusive Access?

Colleges and Universities are participating in Inclusive Access at a rapid pace in this digital age. Here are some ways Inclusive Access has helped certain schools and students:

  1. Student Savings:
  • University of Arizona helped students save more than $3,000,000 with over 100 faculty adopting the program.
  • University of Arkansas reports over $200,000 in savings with Inclusive Access.
  1. Student Retention:
  • According to the the US PIRG report, 90% of students are worried that forgoing course materials would impact their grade. 

Here are five more reasons why participating in Inclusive Access will help you, your students, and your institution.

Inclusive Access Program Names around North America - Interactive Map

While Inclusive Access is the program's base name, it has many brandings across institutions in North America. These program names may vary, but they all provide benefits of Inclusive Access. Interact with the map below to see different institutions and their IA program names.


Contact an Inclusive Access Sales Representative

If you're a faculty member or college bookstore representative who wants to learn more about the Inclusive Access program — OR whose institution already has an Inclusive Access program, and you’re looking to add more course materials to your IA library — fill out our form to get in touch with your region’s sales representative.